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motion and dance retreat

Motion & Dance Retreat
14-20 February 2016 Temenggungan, Banyuwangi
The program of the retreat will be a balanced training process between Silat, traditional dance and the classical music Kendang Silat. Motion & dance retreat offers an insight about the anthropological dance of the Temenggungan people and how they implement the dance in their social lives and costums.

According to Adrienne L. Kaeppler (2011) antrhopological dance is defined as ?a form of culture that resulted from the creative process that manipulates the human body in space and time. This form of culture, although the content is temporarily, is a visual manifestation of the social relations and may be subject of an elaborate system of aesthetics?.

The program is open to all who are interested in a cultural exchange with the community of heritage village Temenggungan as well as to learn together, have the dedication and the power of positive thoughts in the process to be traversed. In Motion & Dance Retreat we will learn daily the practice of Silat and traditional Gandung dance with highlights such as the study of Suaka Pasung Laksa at the beach Pantai Cemara at sunrise with Master Janoto Dul Haji. Suaka Pasung Laksa  literally translated means Space Lock Onethousand and is an indegenious martial art wich channels the traits of human character in a positive flow. Additionally we will practice traditional dance on the Perkebunan Kopi Rakyat Gembong Sari hill to get a pure natural energy in the process of imitation of the motion and sound in nature. At the ancient dwells of Sekar Tanjung and the Kali Bendo waterfalls we receive  powerful and meditative purification rituals with the holy water. In the evenings we will learn through readings, conversations and discussions about the martial arts philosophy and how to create inner peace.

Join our Motion and Dance Retreat, we are looking forward to welcome fifteen people in our program! The costs for the retreat, including transport, homestays in old colony Dutch houses and food are 1.000.000 Rupiah. Please contact me in case you would like to participate in our program. We will keep you updated and share details about the retreat! Thank you,

Organised by Kampung Wisata Temenggungan

Contact person: Tebo Aumbara,
08 5739 14 20 69
Tukad Abu, Jl. Cekomaria, Gang Margot 20A, Penatih, Denpasar, Bali.



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